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入驻时间: 2024-01-05
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ILLA Builder

ILLA is a robust open source low-code platform for developers to build internal tools. By using ILLA's library of Components and Actions, developers can save massive amounts of time on building tools.


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Get Started

To try ILLA, the most convenient way is to sign up and log in to ILLA Cloud.

You can also deploy and self-host ILLA utils manually(Docker, docker-compose, and k8s).

✨ Features

  1. Real-time Collaboration: We can create everything in real-time together.
  2. Automate Support: Connect everything and automate them in 5 seconds.
  3. Self-hosted: supports Docker & k8s
  4. Page Support: The base of creating a content-rich and UI-friendly tool.
  5. Powered by ILLA Design: Components should not constrain your imagination.


The ILLA CLI enables you to deploy ILLA Builder faster than your imagination. Click here for more details. After successfully deployed, you can register with email address or log in with the following information:

Username (email): root

Password: password

How to build your tool

Step 1: Connect to your database


Step 2: Build UI with built-in components

Build your UI by dragging components to the canvas. We provide dozens of components including charts, tables, forms, and many more in Illa Builder and Illa Design. When components overlap, their position will be automatically adjusted, which makes the layout development easy and flexible.


Step 3: Connect to your data

Connect to MySQL or REST API through our GUI data connectors. We will add more than 10 databases and APIs soon. image

Step 4: Deploy your app

Deploy your app and self-host it. image


Join ILLA Community to share your ideas, suggestions, or questions and connect with other users and contributors.

Chat on Discord Discuss on GitHub


Thinking about contributing? All kinds of contributions to ILLA are greatly appreciated and welcomed! Check out our Contribution Guide for details about how you can get involved.

Appreciate all the contributions from our ❤︎ Contributors!


The apps/builder/src/i18n/locale/* dirs are kept up-to-date automatically via Crowdin. See our official translation page in case you would like to contribute.

We are Hiring!

Looking for a passionate and creative team? We are actively hiring engineers for the following positions:

  • Frontend Engineer
  • Golang Engineer

Contact Us:


This project is currently licensed under Apache License 2.0.